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Crossley & Webb Sports & GT Series 2017 – Round 2

The Crossley & Webb Sports & GT series boasted over 25 entries plus 8 entries from the National Sports Car championship which resulted in one of the largest grids for round 1 of the Extreme series which Sports & GT were supporting for their second round. The pace in Qualifying was slower than usual, due to an oil spill in a previous category, however, Johan Engelbrecht put his JogaJoga Cafe Porsche GT2R on Pole, ahead of Craig Jarvis’s Dodge Viper and the Harp Motorsport Juno’s of Colin Plit and Peter van der Spuy.

Race 1 was a Start to Flag victory for Johan Engelbrecht, who didn’t really have much competition from the other Class A competitors. Unfortunately, due to the Program running late Craig Jarvis had to miss Race 1 as he had an important function to attend. Colin and Peter had a very good race, finishing just under a second apart at Race end with Clinton Thorne’s Birkin 7 a little way behind.

Class B was a close dice between Matt Kreeve and Gary Kieswetter’s Porsches, until Matt spun and was relegated to 3rd behind Andre Brink (Porsche GT3 Cup). Class C was a great dice with Gavin Gorman (Nardini VW) and Nick Cunningham-Moorat (Nissan R35GTR), but Nick slowed on the last lap allowing Martin Pugh to beat him to the flag. Both Gavin and Nick improved their previous best Lap Times and have graduated to Class B.

Class D was a runaway victory for Arno Church (Lotus 7 Ford) who was followed by Philip Booysen (Lotus Exige), Paul Schwartz (Ford GT40) and Scois Joubert (Honda Ariel Atom) with John da Silva (Audi TT) some distance behind. Due to delays in the schedule, the 2nd race started just before 6.30 p.m. Craig Jarvis in his Dodge Viper was back for this race and although he started at the back of Class A was soon on Johan Engelbrecht’s tail. The two had a tremendous dice with Johan crossing the finish line .427 seconds ahead of Craig.

A little way behind them were the Juno’s of Peter van der Spuy and Colin Plit, followed by Gary Kieswetter. Gary managed to hold his position and won Class B ahead of Andre Brink and Matt Kreeve. The Class C cars of Gavin Gorman, Martin Pugh, Nick Cunningham-Moorat and Craig Harper were in close contention until Lap 5 when Martin went off the circuit losing some 10 seconds. Nick managed to pass Gavin also on Lap 5 and won Class C by 1.535 seconds. Winner in Class D was again Arno Church, who used all his ‘Race Craft’ to keep Philip Booysen behind him to the flag.

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