Crossley & Webb Sports & GT Series 2017 – Round 3

Qualifying took place on Friday afternoon, and although Dawie Joubert put his Lotus Honda Exige on pole he developed an overheating problem in Race 1 and retired after 2 Laps. This left the Race wide open for Colin Plit.

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Behind Colin the two Class B Cars of Gary Kieswetter (Porsche GT3 RS) and Nick Cunningham-Moorat (Nissan R35 GTR) were 2nd and 3rd overall.

Martin Pugh (Shelby Can Am) was the Star of Class C, as he gets to grips with the new Car and was some 2 seconds quicker than Sandro Biccari’s Nardini in qualifying.

Maarten Prins (Porsche Cup 3.6L) had a poor qualifying and was placed behind Louis de Jager’s Lola T212 for Race 1 grid. However, the quicker Porsche got by the Lola on Lap 2 and went after the Shelby, but had to settle for 2nd in Class C, with the Lola taking 3rd Place.

In Class D Arno Church (Lotus 7 Ford) was quickest in Qualifying ahead of Philip Booysen’s Lotus Exige but the Exige got the jump on the Lotus on Lap 1. Arno fought back, took the Exige on Lap 5 and held this position to Race end, beating Philip by 1.6 seconds at Flag.

They were followed by Paul Schwartz (GT 40), Scois Joubert (Ariel Atom 2.4L), Cyril Ginsburg (Porsche GT3 RS), Ray Farnham (Opel Birkin 7) and Hennie Trollip (Lotus Replica 7).

Overall Class Winners for the day:

  • Class A: Colin Plit
  • Class B: Gary Kieswetter
  • Class C: Maarten Prins
  • Class D: Arno Church

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