Crossley & Webb Sports & GT Series 2017 – Round 4

That is that as far as round 4 of the Power Series goes and only a short break to round 5 on June 3rd.
Our grid was boosted by visitors who were racing in the South African Endurance series later in the day which made our races a real spectacle which was appreciated by the crowd and the media.

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Race 1:

At the start, the Chevron of Franco Scribante took the lead and slowly pulled away. Behind him, Marcel and Andre Bez had a spectacular dice followed by Craig, Clinton and the Class B Porsche of Gary K, followed closely by Colin Plit in the Juno who had had a poor qually on Friday evening. Colin did manage to get passed Gary on Lap 3 and held on to the end of the race.

The Class B Porsche GT3 of Matt Kreeve and the Nissan GTR of Nic Cunningham-Moorat were followed by Andre Brink who was probably slowed by the hard pushing Shelby Can Am of Martin Pugh and Sandro Biccari in the Nardini, those three close enough to be covered by the proverbial blanket.

Race 2:

The race 2 grid is based on the quickest lap times from race 1, which put Andre Bez in front of Marcel. What followed was an 8 lap balls to the wall dice with Marcel eventually getting ahead on lap 8.

The Red flags came out after a brake disc on the Viper exploded when Craig braked hard going into 5. I can only imagine how scary it must have been. Eyewitnesses said the Viper launched into the air bounced once and then hit the tyre wall.

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Overall Class Winners for the day:

  • Class A: Marcel Angel
  • Class B: Gary Kieswetter
  • Class C: Martin Pugh
  • Class D: Ray Farnham

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