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52 000 miles


6.75 Turbo V8 engine
Front engine, rear wheel drive
Power Output
426 BHP
Fuel type
Exterior Color
Atlantic Blue
Interior Color
Magnolia interior
No of doors



  • A total of 52 000 miles.
  • Atlantic Blue with Magnolia interior.
  • 426 BHP 6.75 Turbo V8 engine.
  • 18 Inch five-spoke alloy wheels
  • Flared wings and wheel arches.
  • Very rare – one of only 350 examples produced.

Continental T:

Launched in 1996, the Bentley Continental T was a short wheelbase version of the Continental R offering slightly more power and torque and tighter handling, at the expense of rear passenger leg room.
At launch in 1996, the Bentley Continental T offered an additional 15 bhp over the 1996 model year Continental R, at 400 bhp, and an additional 40 lbs ft. of torque at 590 lbsft. For the 1998 model year, this was increased to 650 lb⋅ft (880 N⋅m) and 420 bhp. The Continental T was a 2+2-seater coupé developed from the Bentley Continental R with a more athletic outward appearance due to a 4-inch (10 cm) shorter wheelbase and extended front and rear wheelarches. The interior featured an engine-turned dash with chrome-finished instruments (as opposed to the wood finish in the Continental R), although some cars were specified with traditional wood. The Continental T’s engine responded to a separate push-button starter. Performance, due to 200 lb (91 kg) less weight, was slightly better than the Continental R cars with the same 420 bhp engine.


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