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S&S 1983 cc ohv V-twin
Mazda 5-speed manual
FR layout
Power Output
61 KW | 82 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Color
Metallic Grey
Interior Color
Black Leather
No of doors
0 doors, 2 seats



  • 6500 KM
  • Metallic Grey paint with black Leather interior
  • Black center locked wire wheels
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • Unrivalled power to weight. 435kw / kg
  • 10/10 Fun Factor
  • Only a hand full of Modern Morgan 3 wheelers in SA. If you are looking for individuality then you do not need to look further.


The Morgan 3 Wheeler is designed for one purpose alone, to make driving fun. A leather padded cockpit complete with aircraft instrumentation adds to the sense of flying on the road. The car seems to respond as much to thought as physical input. With an estimated 140 Newton metres of torque the motor provides maximum power at minimum revs. When coupled with a weight of 525kgs the 21st century Morgan 3 Wheeler provides unrivalled power to weight for its on the road price.