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9600 KM


6.5 L V12
7-speed ISR Semi-automatic
Mid-engine, all-wheel-drive
Power Output
510 kW | 690 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Color
Interior Color
No of doors



  • 9600 KM.
  • Optional white colour paint.
  • Carbon Fiber front splitter and mirror caps.
  • PDC with Reverse camera.
  • Heated and electronic seats.
  • Transparent engine bay cover.
  • Sensonum sound system.
  • Multifunction steering in perforated leather, Branding package, Iperione.
  • 19″/20″ high gloss black rims, Orange CCB calipers.
  • Exhaust software upgrade.

Aventador LP 700–4:

The Lamborghini Aventador is a mid-engined sports car produced by the Italian automotive manufacturer Lamborghini. In keeping with Lamborghini tradition, the Aventador is named after a fighting bull.
The car’s shape borrows heavily from Lamborghini’s limited-edition Reventón and their Estoque concept car.
The Aventador LP 700–4 uses Lamborghini’s new 700 PS (510 kW; 690 bhp) 6.5 litre 60° V12 engine weighing 235 kg. Known internally as the L539, the new engine is Lamborghini’s fourth in-house engine and second V12 design. It is the first all-new V12 since the 3.5 litre powerplant found in the 350GT.
The transmission, a single-clutch seven-speed semi-automatic, is built by Graziano Trasmissioni. Despite being single-clutch, gear-shifts are accomplished in 50 milliseconds. The new, electronically controlled, all-wheel drive system is developed and supplied by the Swedish company Haldex Traction, offering traction and handling capabilities based on their 4th generation technology.


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