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Servicing and inspection

The Crossley & Webb service department carries out routine maintenance on all makes of classics and sports cars and is dedicated to quality workmanship. We offer an inspection and valuation service for client’s who need to carry out due diligence on a potential classic car purchase.


A Crossley & Webb restoration can unlock and preserve the value of your classic car. Our process includes: Re-paint, Re-trim, Re-chrome, Rebuild and total chassis-off restoration or any combination of these.

Modern upgrades

Classic cars are enhanced with our upgrades to protect classic car drivers on today’s roads. These upgrades include modern braking systems, handling kits, power steering and modern air-conditioning systems.

Due to Classic and collectible cars becoming a true alternative investment, it is vitally important that your motoring investment receives the appropriate premium care.
The personal nature of the classic and investment vehicle business has resulted in Crossley & Webb aligning themselves with a team of industry specialists able to offer technical advice, conduct historical research and thorough valuations thereby offering a comprehensive platform to make the most informed decision when investing in a classic or sports car.
Crossley & Webb Servicing & Restoration offers modern upgrades and restorations for sought after classics as well as routine servicing for sports cars and Supercars out of warranty.