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Timour Hall – Annual Classic Car and Bike Show 2018

The Timour Hall Classic Car and Bike Show is hosted annually by the International Police Association. The event has been running for 15 successful years. The Show was conceived in 1999 when the Western Cape Region of the Association was looking for a method of fundraising for their various charitable programs. What better way than to do it with classic cars? It’s usually the first event on our calendar every year. 

The main purpose of this event is of course to raise funds and as it grows, so the ability to help others grows with it. This year, the charity was The Bookery.

The show takes place at the beautiful and historic Timour Hall Villa in Plumstead. Our photos are from the second day of the event. Sunday 21st January 2018.

2 Responses

  1. john salisbury
    Feb 05, 2018 - 06:21 PM

    Shame you kept it so secret this year…….I have been just about every year since 2006. Put up a few posters next year and you’ll probably double your attendance figures.

    Disgruntled from Ottery !


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