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Oily Rag Run – 6th Annual – October 2019

The sixth annual Oily Rag took place this past weekend from the Franschhoek Motor Museum to Crossley & Webb.

The Oily Rag run celebrates survivors older than 50 years in original condition. Oily Rag veterans such as the 1928 Dodge, Armstrong Siddeley and Volkswagen Split window bus were joined by newcomers such as the Mercedes Benz 200 Fin-tail, Porsche 356 and the recently recommissioned  1956 Land Rover series 1 Fire engine.




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Streetcar Trackday – Killarney Raceway – 27th July 2019

We took our Nissan 370Z racecar and Ariel Atom to the Streetcar Trackday at Killarney Raceway this past weekend. This event is held monthly by the Western Province Motor Club and drew an impressive mix and volume of cars including a Ginetta LMP3 racecar, Lotus Exige racer (ex Dawie Joubert), McLaren 650s, Audi R8 V10, a couple of Porsche GT3’s and a tastefully customised Porsche 964.

This is a great regular event to enjoy your performance car in a safe controlled environment and improve your driving skills


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Sentimetal Bastille Day Run

We joined the Cars.co.za Sentimetal Bastille day run out to the Franschhoek Motor Museum this past Sunday with our 1981 Porsche 930 Turbo, 1970 Lotus Europa and 1989 Audi Quattro that are all coming up for sale soon.

A stunning turnout of over 120 cars gathered at the Engen 1 stop on the N1 but even more impressive was the diversity of the cars on the run. Everything from a Classic Peugeot 404 to a couple of Dodge Vipers and a 1959 Cadillac versus a Ferrari 365 Boxer.

After a spirited commute to the Franschhoek Motor Museum the like minded group motor enthusiasts parked their cars in the court yard for a photo opportunity and topped up their caffeine reserves.

All three of our cars performed well, but it was the Lotus Europa (the first rear engine Lotus produced by Colin Chapman) that surprised us the most. This example has had its powerplant upgraded to a Toyota Twincam VVTI unit producing 160 BHP (almost double that of its original Renault). The ultra responsive modern engine has unlocked the potential of this chassis which delivers telepathic handling.

Well done to the team at Cars.co.za for an enjoyable event

Ferrari 458 Speciale

New arrival – Ferrari 458 Speciale – 2015 – 2100km

It is not often that special series Ferrari’s of this calibre come onto the market. Ferrari saves its engineering and performance magic for these special series cars at the end of production runs and the Speciale follows the tradition of it’s predecessors the 360 Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia with reduced weight and increased power.

However, this model is even more sought after by collectors as it is the last naturally aspirated special series V8 Ferrari with a purer driving experience, 597 BHP 4.5l V8 and 9000 rpm redline. This is the ultimate non turbo V8 Ferrari.


Find out more about the actual car on offer at the link below:

Ferrari 458 Speciale – 2015 – R 8 599 950

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CIAO Club – Giro Dei Vigneti – Meet and greet morning – Franschhoek Motor Museum

The Franschhoek Motor Museum recently  hosted the start of the Giro Dei Vigneti organised by  The CIAO club (Classic Italian Auto Owners). Cape based owners of interesting Italian cars were invited to meet and greet the CIAO club members participating on the run who were mostly based in Gauteng with a view to forming a Cape branch.

We took along a very rare Detomaso Mangusta which is the only example in African and once belonged to Motorcycle World Champion Jim Redman as well as the only GTC spec Ferrari 575 Maranello in South Africa, both of which are for sale at Crossley & Webb.

Franschhoek Motor Museum curator Wayne Harley treated the guests to a “Under the Bonnet” tour which explored the rich history of the cars at the museum after which the week long Giro Dei Vigneti run kicked off