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The 5th Annual Oily Rag Run – Oct 2018

The fifth annual Oily Rag Run was held on the 21st of October 2018 and reverted to the original route from Crossley & Webb in Gardens Cape Town to the Franschhoek Motor Museum via various stops to collect items for a picnic lunch to be held on the FMM lawns.

This run is for unrestored cars older than 50 years and is growing in popularity each year with many new entrants in 2018 such as the 1948 Dodge of the Long family (who won the “Skoroskoro prize” for the “tatiest” most original car), the 1958 Karmann Ghia of Toy De Meillon, the Sunbeam Alpine of Adrian Morris, the Wolseley of Pat Coyne, the Austin 110 of Michael Solomon, the Ford Model A of Viv James, the Bentley MK 6  of Tim Reddell, the Mercedes Benz 190 Ponton of Peter Lamond, Jean Viljoen in his magnificent 1958 VW Samba bus and a beautiful Porsche 356 C Coupe of Susan Reutter who must have set a new speed record for the Oily Rag Run.

The reappearance of Oily Rag regulars was welcomed with Dave Alexander featuring in his 1932 Lagonda for the first time since 2014, Jason Furness in his 1958 VW Split screen bus (which was celebrating its 60th birthday) and “Mordecai” the 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster (no 8) driven by Harvey Metcalf with Prof. Peter Spargo (the second owner who used it regularly until 1986 ….and who’s father purchased Mordecai new ) along for the ride.

Wayne Harley of the Franschhoek Motor Museum took the overall win on his 1922 AJS motorcycle based on criteria set by Oily Rag “oracle” Dickon Daggitt

  • Simola-Hill-Climb-2018-5
  • Simola-Hill-Climb-2018-3
  • Simola-Hill-Climb-2018-4
  • Simola-Hill-Climb-2018-2
  • Simola-Hill-Climb-2018-1
  • Simola-Hill-Climb-2018-7

The Simola Hill Climb record breaker

We’re proud to be associated with Andre Bezuidenhout in the 2018 Simola Hill Climb. His intention was to break his previous record set in 2017 with his 1989 Dallara F189 Formula 1 car. Knowing that Andre doesn’t do anything in half measures, we knew that we needed to get behind him this year. Andre achieved his goal with a 35.528 second over his previous record of 37.807 seconds!

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  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-1
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-2
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-3
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-4
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-5
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-6
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-7
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-8
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-9
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-10
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-11
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-12
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-13
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-14
  • Cars-and-Coffee-Cape-Town-15

Cars and Coffee Cape Town Dec 17′

We ended 2017 by joining Last Lion’s Cars and Coffee run. It’s always a good time meeting with like minded individuals and taking a drive around this beautiful city. The cars we took: Bentley Azure Mulliner, Aston Martin Rapide S and a Mclaren 650S Spider. It was not the biggest turn out due to many people being out of the country but nevertheless, there was amazing cars that joined. We’re looking forward to the runs to come in 2018.

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  • Cars-and-coffee-run-29
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-30
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-1
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-2
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-3
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-4
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-5
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-6
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-7
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-8
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-9
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-10
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-11
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-12
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-13
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-14
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-15
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-17
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-18
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-19
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-20
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-21
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-22
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-23
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-24
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-25
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-26
  • Cars-and-coffee-run-27

Cars & Coffee Cape Town March ’17

Crossley & Webb had the amazing opportunity of hosting the first Cars & Coffee event by Last Lion Lifestyle for 2017. A great group of people with some spectacular cars taking over the Cape Town roads and the hills coming alive with the sounds of supercars! A beautiful drive with our first pit stop at Grabouw BP garage, with our next stop on the bridge at Theewaterskloof dam. The final drive took us through the spectacular Fraschhoek pass and mountains to end it off at the ideal destination of the Franschhoek Motor Museum. A fun and exciting day had by all. Crossley & Webb look forward to partaking in the next Cars & Coffee and would like to Thank all who joined us and to Cars & Coffee by Last Lion Lifestyle for inviting us to be a part of such a memorable day.

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  • kalk-bay-run-12
  • kalk-bay-run-6
  • kalk-bay-run-7
  • kalk-bay-run-8
  • kalk-bay-run-11
  • kalk-bay-run-4
  • kalk-bay-run-10
  • kalk-bay-run-3
  • kalk-bay-run-2
  • kalk-bay-run-5
  • kalk-bay-run-13
  • kalk-bay-run-14
  • kalk-bay-run-9
  • kalk-bay-run-15
  • kalk-bay-run-17
  • kalk-bay-run-16
  • kalk-bay-run-18
  • kalk-bay-run-20
  • kalk-bay-run-21
  • kalk-bay-run-19
  • kalk-bay-run-23
  • kalk-bay-run-22
  • kalk-bay-run-24

Crankhandle Club’s Kalk Bay Run – 2017

Crossley & Webb attended the Crankhandle Club’s Kalk Bay run to support the majestic 1913 Cadillac 30 currently for sale in our showroom. The veteran run is for vehicles 100 years or older. For the first time, all competitors met the requirement! With approximately 15 vehicles in attendance, cars and motorcycles.

Wayne Harley from took part in the Kalk Bay Veteran Run riding a 1917 Triumph Model H. Also known as the Type H and The Trusty, a total of 57 000 Model H’s were made from 1915 until production ended in 1923.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the competitors were flagged off at the Crankhandle Club in Wynberg after coffee and light banter. The group stopped over in Kalk Bay for a brief pit stop and ended their run at Jubilee Square in Simons Town. All of the entrants completed their trip to and from Simons Town flawlessly.

We hope that 2018 will pull in more veteran vehicles as spectators. It truly is a unique experience.

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