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The 2nd Century Classic Car Run

The 2nd Century Classic Car Run was held on 23rd October, 2016. The event was run by the Triumph Sports Car Club, sponsored by Crossley & Webb in association with Century City and Western Province Motor Club.

The event had a century theme running throughout with the total age of the car and driver had to equal or exceed a century (100 years). The number of participants in the event was limited to 100 cars. From the meeting point at Century City, cars had to travel a route of 100 km to the destination at the Killarney race track.

The run was good fun, especially ending it off with a lap around the race track in a classic car. What an experience!

All profits from the event will be donated to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

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BMW Motorsport Heritage Collection – BTS

We were pleasantly surprised when BMW lifestyle confirmed that they would be using our showroom for one of their latest campaigns. This heritage collection is right up our alley, mustaches and all! We love seeing the behind the scenes action and have been waiting a while to share some of it with you. Thanks to RockStarCars and everyone involved to make this happen.

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Kingsley Holgate & Land Rover Series 1 “Storytellers” Evening

A Storytellers evening with a little more than a story. We had Kingsley Holgate sharing some of his wild African adventures as well as an African inspired photographic exhibition presented by Karen and Chelsea Barrow. To go with the African theme, there were tribal dancers, dancing with only the headlights of the Land Rovers illuminating them. It was a taste of how magical an adventure with Kingsley could actually be.

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Shelby South Africa launch

The launch of the Shelby brand in South Africa has been a wonderful experience. We had an amazing night with guests, clients and press alike. Keith Criswell, the Director of Shelby Performance Parts at Shelby America was present to officiate the proceedings and announce that South Africa would be receiving 5 of only 50 Terlingua models in the world. Crossley & Webb will be the hub for Shelby South Africa with a Modshop for the conversions.

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