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Crossley & Webb is the official dealer for Morgan South Africa. We’re able to bring in any model of your choice with the favourites being the Morgan Aero, Morgan Roadster and the new Morgan 3wheeler. Morgans are hand built by the Morgan Motor Company Ltd. and are survivors of a dying breed of coach built automobiles. Morgan South Africa is growing steadily with the demand for vehicles that are uniquely crafted.

For more info on how to purchase a brand new Morgan in South Africa: info@crossley-webb.com


The Morgan Motor Company Ltd. was established in 1909 by H.F.S. Morgan with the design of the Morgan three-wheeler. A four-wheeled model began production in 1936, and Morgan cars have long become famous the world over for their unique blend of charisma, quality materials, craftsmanship and performance.

The ethos at Morgan remains unchanged: all our cars are coach built and subjected to continual development in order to meet current standards of safety and to offer the responsive thoroughbred performance with which our name is associated. The development of our model-range has taken the marque into the 21st Century, and today Morgan builds in excess of 1300 cars per year. The Aero 8, a major achievement for a small Company, was launched in 2000, and continual evolution of the Aero Range has seen the 8 joined by the dramatic Aero SuperSports and its fixed-head sibling, the Aero Coupe. In 2011 we re-launched the Morgan 3 Wheeler, a modern interpretation of H.F.S. Morgan’s classic design. Our ‘Classic’ range continues to be our flagship vehicle – with models including the 4/4, the world’s longest-running production vehicle, and engine sizes ranging from 1600cc to 4800cc, these famous icons are the models perhaps most associated with Morgan.

The Morgan Motor Company Ltd. website: www.morgan-motor.co.uk/