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252 500 km showing



5.0l all alloy V8
4 – speed Automatic
Front engine, rear-wheel-drive
Power Output
235 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
No of doors


what makes this car special?

Introduced at the Geneva show in 1980, the 500SL was the flagship Mercedes Benz convertible of its time and the fastest car in their entire range. However, it was user friendly and temperament free and therefore was a huge success for Mercedes Benz. The improvements from the previous 450SL included the following:

  • An all alloy overhead camshaft 5 litre V8 producing 235 BHP
  • Improvement to overall fuel consumption
  • Shorter wheelbase for better agility and handling
  • Front and rear spoilers added for downforce
  • Improvements and revisions to the independent suspension
  • Improved braking system for optimal stopping performance


The 500SL could reach 100km/h from a standstill in 8.1 seconds and could hit a top speed of 220km/h, which was impressive for a convertible of that era. The SL500s was also used as rally cars back in the 1980’s, taking part in the Group 2 class of the WRC.


This example was registered in South Africa in 1982 and spent the bulk of its life in the Johannesburg area. It is a solid example but during our technical inspection a few items were identified that require attention. The asking price has been adjusted accordingly and a copy of the technical report is available for inspection.