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3.0l Flat six
5 speed manual (915)
Rear engine, rear-wheel-drive
Power Output
200 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Colour
Military Grey
Interior Colour
No of doors


what makes this car special?

Dutchmann Guild was established to connect local master craftsmen with contemporary designers and artists to create something special. Their Porsche Weekend Racer series was created in 2013 and comprises a range of classic and contemporary Porsches that deliver safe and reliable high performance motoring. The Dutchmann Porsche Weekend Racers carry a unique mix of classic and contemporary Porsche engineering wrapped in a Dutchmann inspired package

This example is based on a 1982 Porsche 911 SC Targa which has undergone a nut and bolt rebuild by respected Porsche specialist Tim Abbot which included the following:

  • Refurbishment of suspension to period correct specification
  • Rebuild of carburation and motor – new pistons, sleeves and 964 camshafts (10,1:1)
  • Rebuild of gearbox to original period correct specification
  • Brakes upgraded to 4 piston callipers (front) with 3.2 Carrera vented rotors (all linings replaced)
  • Refurbishment of engine bay – sound proofing, shrouds, decals and wiring harness to original spec

In addition to the above a full aesthetic refurbishment and remodelling programme was undertaken by Dutchmann

  • Bodywork preparation and paint to Military grey
  • Body trim in chrome and brushed aluminium
  • Targa bar in stainless steel
  • Replacement of side view mirrors to 1976 Porsche chrome examples
  • Dutchmann Cup 1 rim with signature rim treatment
  • Refurbished Targa hood in Burgundy hood cloth
  • Period specific radio sourced with MP3 attachment – fitment of hidden speakers