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115 350 KM


3.6l Flat 6 Turbo
Rear engine, 4-wheel drive
Power Output
300 kW; 402 hp
Fuel type
Exterior Color
Interior Color
No of doors



  • 115 350 KM.
  • Desirable factory options: Carbon fibre steering wheel, Carbon Fibre gear shifter and handbrake.


X77- Carbon steering wheel with leather covered airbag module.
X63 – Carbon shifter lever.
X64 – Carbon handbrake lever.
X71 – Alu look instrument dials with chromed rings.
680 – Nokia digital sound processing audio system.
692 – 6 disc CD changer.
454 – Automatic speed control.
XD9 – wheel spokes painted in body colour.
X89 – wheel caps painted in body colour.

993 Turbo:

The 993 Turbo coupé was released in 1995. It featured a new turbocharged engine displacing 3.6 liters and producing 408 PS (300 kW; 402 hp). Twin turbochargers and air-to-air intercoolers, electronic engine management, redesigned cylinder heads and other modified engine internals were used. The 993 Turbo was the first 911 Turbo with all wheel drive, finally delivering Porsche 959 performance as a production car. The electronic engine management helped the Turbo to achieve fuel efficiency far superior to any of the previous production Turbos. In connection with two catalytic converters and an on-board-diagnostics-system including four oxygen-sensors, it also made the 993 Turbo the cleanest sports car at its time. The Turbo’s bodywork differs from the Carrera body by widened rear wheel arches (approximately 6 cm), redesigned front and rear bumper moldings, and a fixed rear wing housing the intercoolers. New 18-inch (460 mm) alloy wheels with weight-reducing hollow spokes were standard.

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