• Bmw-e39-M5-1
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  • Bmw-e39-M5-4
  • Bmw-e39-M5-5
  • Bmw-e39-M5-6
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  • Bmw-e39-M5-8
  • Bmw-e39-M5-9
  • Bmw-e39-M5-10
  • Bmw-e39-M5-11
  • Bmw-e39-M5-12


Full-Service history
Amazing Value for money
One of BMW’s great v8’s


Tyre pressure control
Speedometer with kilometer reading
Car telephone (GSM) with card reader at the front
Roof liner Alcantara anthracite
CD changer for 6 CD’s
On-board monitor with TV and on-board computer


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