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2946 cc V6 24v
6-speed manual
MR layout
Power Output
188 kW | 252 hp
Fuel type
Exterior Color
Illiad Blue
Interior Color
No of doors
2-door hatchback



  • 46 800 KM
  • Major service and belt changes recently completed
  • Rear Engined – rear wheel driven hot hatch
  • Fantastic value for money
  • A true Modern Classic

Clio V6 Phase 2:

Though based on a utilitarian hatchback, the Clio V6 is not a practical family car. With an average fuel consumption of 24 miles per imperial gallon (12 L/100 km), this resulted in an empty fuel tank in just over 300 miles (480 km). The loss of the back seats and most of the boot space, due to the engine placement, results in a severe restriction in luggage space – there is only a small space in the front where the engine used to be, suitable for week-end groceries, a small netted area behind the seats plus a small stash area under the tailgate. The enhanced steering makes tight manoeuvring a little challenging, the turning circle is 13 m (42.7 ft) – around three car lengths – turning what might normally be a three-point turn into a five-point turn. The Clio V6 Phase 2 gained even more weight, but offset it with an additional 25 horsepower. This resulted in a reduced 0–60 mph run at 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 153 mph (246 km/h).
Standard equipment includes rain sensing windscreen wipers, automatic headlights, air conditioning, and six speakers and CD changer. The long-term reviews in Evo magazine were enthusiastic, claiming “It’s a modern classic” for the Phase 2 version.