• 2T2A7339 (4)
  • 2T2A7342 (2)
  • 2T2A7341 (2)
  • 2T2A7351 (2)
  • 2T2A7348 (2)
  • 2T2A7349 (2)
  • 2T2A7357 (2)
  • 2T2A7356 (2)
  • 2T2A7355 (2)
  • 2T2A7363 (2)
  • 2T2A7365 (2)
  • 2T2A7364 (2)
  • 2T2A7371 (2)
  • 2T2A7368 (2)
  • 2T2A7366 (2)
  • 2T2A7383 (2)
  • 2T2A7381 (2)
  • 2T2A7382 (2)
  • 2T2A7386 (2)
  • 2T2A7375
  • 2T2A7380
  • 2T2A7372 (2)
  • 2T2A7344
  • 2T2A7343
  • 2T2A7346
  • 2T2A7358

13 350 km


Maserati Granturismo S SPECIFICATIONS

4.7l V8
6 speed Automatic – ZF torque converter
Front engine, rear wheel drive
Power Output
440 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
No of doors


what makes this car special?

The Maserati GranTurismo was launched at the Geneva show in 2007 and demonstrated Maserati’s change in direction from sports cars to elegant Pinninfarina designed GT cars

The GranTurismo was initially launched with the Ferrari built 4.2l V8 and from 2008 the GranTurismo S was available with the 4.7l V8. This particular model, the GranTurismo S automatic, saw the introduction of a six speed ZF automatic gearbox which resulted in impressive smooth gear changes, paddle shifters for manual selection and sports mode which opens the exhaust bypass valves making the Maserati GranTurismo one of the best sounding cars around.

The luxurious Poltrona Frau leather interior and seating for four adults complete an impressive high quality user-friendly package.


This is a low mileage example that has been in single ownership for the past ten years

Optional extras ordered when new include:

  • Comfort seats with full memory function, electric steering column adjustment and seat heating
  • Wood grain interior trim and steering wheel
  • Front and rear parking sensors