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Land rover series 1 fire engine SPECIFICATIONS

2.0l inline four cylinder
4 speed manual
Front engine, Four-wheel-drive
Power Output
51 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
No of doors


what makes this car special?

The original Land Rover was developed by the Rover car company following the second World War. Development of a new model at this time required practical out of the box thinking as the British economy was depressed, rationing was still in use and there was a shortage of steel.

Chief designer at Rover, Maurice Wilks, was inspired by his ex US army Jeep which he used on his farm. The plan was to target the agriculture and mining industry with a similar but improved product. Many existing off the shelf parts were used and aluminium was extensively incorporated as this was in good supply. The success of this model both in the UK and export markets was a huge surprise for the Rover car company and it remains a motoring icon to this day


The Rover commercial vehicles division produced various derivatives Land Rover and the Fire engine (tender) was one.


Details of our example


This car:

Sold new in 1957 by Robb Motors of Cape Town to the O’Okiep Copper mine in the town of Nababeep near Springbok.

The mine was legally required to have a fire engine (they had three) which were kept in good order. It was started up and driven once a week and therefore has only covered 5065 miles since new. The chassis & body is rust free due to being based in the dry climate.


When the mine closed approximately 20 years ago, an auction was held and the current owner purchased the Land Rover and placed it in storage. Late in 2019 the owner made contact with Crossley & Webb and we carried out a mechanical recommissioning programme and the following was done:


  • Major service
  • Drained old oil from engine, gearbox and differential
  • Renew all oils
  • New oil filter
  • New spark plugs
  • Replaced ignition leads
  • New battery fitted
  • Removed and flushed fuel tank
  • Replaced fuel lines
  • Rebuilt carburetor
  • Refurbished radiator
  • New water pipes fitted
  • Refurbished braking system:
    • Reline 8 brake shoes
    • Machine 4 drums
    • Fit new front and rear wheel cylinder kits
    • New brake hoses
    • Cylinders reconditioned and re sleeved


This is an unrepeatable opportunity to purchase an unrestored but recommissioned  Land Rover Series 1 fire engine many of which have had their original equipment stripped and have been converted back to standard models

For more information contact Jeremy or Gareth for more details:

Tel: (021) 462 3558 E-mail: info@crossley-webb.com