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1.6l inline 4 cylinder
4 speed manual
Rear engine, rear-wheel-drive
Power Output
160 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
No of doors


what makes this car special?

The Lotus Europa originated from the concept put forward by Lotus engineering to win the bid for the Ford GT40 racing car project. When Lola won the bid instead of Lotus, Colin Chapman adapted the design (by South African born Ron Hickman) for this car. His goal was to produce Lotus’ first rear engine production car but for it to be simple enough for non specialist mechanics to maintain.


The chassis and bodywork comprised of a boxed steel backbone frame with a fibreglass body. The drivetrain was sourced from Renault with a 1470cc Renualt 16 engine and matching transaxle. Suspension was independent all round with rack and pinion steering.


The Series 2 model was introduced in April 1968 and featured the following improvements:


  • Body was fastened to the chassis instead of bonded
  • Electric windows were introduced
  • Adjustable seats
  • Fully carpeted interior
  • A new polished wooden facia for the dashboard



This example is a 1970 S2 Europa and underwent a comprehensive restoration by previous owner between 1980 and 2007. During this process he converted the powerplant to the Toyota twin cam 20 valve engine with VVT technology. This engine produces 160 BHP and weighs the same as the original Renault unit. In addition, a full respray was completed in October 2016 for a subsequent owner plus an extensive refurbishing process was carried out by Crossley & Webb


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