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19 864 miles showing


MGA Roadster specifications

1500 cc inline 4 cylinder
4-Speed manual
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
Power Output
72 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
No of doors


what makes this car special?

The arrival of the MGA in 1955 introduced one the first modern sports cars to the post war market. There was a stark contrast to the pre war style bodies of the MG TD and MG TF with the streamlined aerodynamic body and design of the MGA


The engine used was the Austin designed 1489cc B series engine which produced 72 BHP. Independent front suspension and a live rear axle resulted in nimble handling and the MGA was equally at home on public roads as on the race track.


The MGA was an instant hit and sold well


This is a 1957 example that has been in single ownership for 15 years. Recent refurbishment and servicing early in 2020 has included:


  • Complete overhaul of the braking system
    • refurbish master cylinder
    • Skim all drums
    • Replace front and rear brake shoes and setup
    • Replace front brake hoses
  • Refurbish fuel system
    • Clean & re coat fuel tank
    • Clean and re-tune carburetor
  • Repair radiator and fit new expansion cap
  • Replace differential seals
  • Bleed and adjust clutch cylinders
  • New speedo cable
  • Electrical
    • Fit four new spark plugs
    • Test alternator
    • Replace battery
    • Re run earth cable
  • Engine
    • Fit new sump gasket
    • Fit new pushrod cover gaskets
    • Replace oil
    • Replace oil filter
  • Suspension
    • Replace front king pin and link pin


This example is a well-priced MGA in good functional condition that presents good value for the entry level classic car enthusiast. It is on display at our showroom in Cape Town


For more information on this vehicle, please contact Jeremy or Gareth on the links below for more details.