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228112 km



3.0L flat six cylinder
5 Speed Manual
Rear engine, rear-wheel-drive
Power Output
204 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
No of doors


what makes this car special?

The Porsche 911 SC started production in 1978 and was released in coupe, cabriolet and Targa forms through into the early 80’s. The SC (Super Carrera) name was reintroduced for the first time since the 356 SC in 1964 and the 911 SC received several revisions from 1980 onwards. The 911 SC officially stopped production in 1983 after it’s five year run in production and been replaced by the 911 Carrera in 1984.


The 3.0L naturally aspirated 6-cylinder boxer engine made 180 BHP from it’s release in 1978, however thanks to the said revisions it received a power increase of up to 204 BHP between the 1981 and 1983 production period. It was mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox and the engine was air cooled like most of the rear engine Porsches back in that era. It could reach just over 220 km/h and could hit 100 km/h from a standstill within the 6 second mark.


Thanks to the configuration of the flat six engine, it also has a lower center of gravity which improves handling, making it handle better compared to other sports cars of its time and is still used in the newer 911 models to this day.


This example of the 911 SC has had a recent refurbishment and an extensive service history with all of the original books and manual from the factory. The engine has also been upgraded to “Carrera” spec for better performance and 17 inch wheels have been fitted. A great opportunity to own a clean example of a classic Porsche 911.