• 2T2A9069 (2)
  • 2T2A9070 (2)
  • 2T2A9071 (2)
  • 2T2A9057 (2)
  • 2T2A9059 (2)
  • 2T2A9061 (2)
  • 2T2A9033 (2)
  • 2T2A9032 (2)
  • 2T2A9031 (2)
  • 2T2A9037 (2)
  • 2T2A9040 (2)
  • 2T2A9043
  • 2T2A9044 (2)
  • 2T2A9054 (2)
  • 2T2A9050
  • 2T2A9052 (2)
  • 2T2A9056 (2)
  • 2T2A9080
  • 2T2A9072 (2)
  • 2T2A9034

84300 km 



1.8l inline 4 cylinder
5 speed manual
Front engine, front-wheel-drive
Power Output
 110 bhp
Fuel type
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
No of doors


what makes this car special?

The VW Golf GTI is regarded as one of the top hot hatchbacks in the world and the benchmark hatchback since the first official Golf MK1 GTI that was revealed in 1975 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was famous for its combination of practicality, agility and decent engine performance with great build quality and reliability.


The second-generation Golf GTI was released in 1983 with a selection of either the 110 BHP 1.8L, 4-cylinder 8 valve or the 137 BHP 16 valve engines.


Even though the design of the MK2 Golf was developed and designed by Herbert Schafer from within VW’s design house, it still kept most of the body lines of it’s first-generation predecessor that was originally designed by Giugiaro from Italdesign but adding more rounded lines around the overall design of the bodywork. The overall body size has increased from the first generation Golf, including the wheelbase.


It was also a very practical vehicle, coming in two and four door variants and offering a decent amount of boot capacity with the seats up.


This particular example is an 8 valve model made in 1989 with 2 previous owners and a full service history. The interior has been kept in good condition along with the rest of the car itself, fitted with comfortable leather seats and the original head unit with a cassette player. This is a chance to own an all original example of one of VW’s most successful line of cars from the late eighties.



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